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Hot Wire Cutting - Thermal trail

Our machine park has been expanded with a new, specially designed epp / eps thermal cutting machine.
We have the opportunity to prepare blocks of the desired size and shape, including round bodies.
The cutting service is addressed to many industries, including entities seeking solutions for the construction of prototypes and patterns of products and advertising companies.
Precision of cutting allows to obtain a very good quality of the element's edge and allows to obtain a finished product of any shape, very good edge quality and high precision.
We use a warmed string for cutting, but it does not cut and the thermal streak produced by it. Such technology allows you to avoid sintering or melting.
Use as EPP material, guarantees the possibility of obtaining very precise shapes as well as thin edges, which due to the material used, will remain flexible, and the risk of crushing or cracking is minimized
The Quality Control Department supervises the course of all processes and, as a last resort, accepts or rejects finished products.